Three Reasons As to Why Even the Best of Roulette Strategies Sometimes Fail to Bear Fruit

There are times when the best of roulette strategies fail to bear fruit. The strategies in question are termed as ‘the best’ on several accounts. Some are strategies devised by people who are considered to be roulette masters, on account of their exploits behind the wheel. Others are considered to be the best strategies on account of the soundness of the reasoning behind them. When the veracity of a roulette strategy is based on sound mathematical reasoning, you really can’t doubt it (especially keeping in mind the adage that ‘numbers don’t lie’). Others still are considered to be the ‘best strategies’ because, in many people’s personal experiences, they normally work.

It therefore tends to come as a great surprise when, in spite of applying the said ‘best’ roulette strategies, some people fail to get the desired results. Naturally, such disappointed people are bound to raise questions, as to why the strategies failed to work for them. Deeper analysis of the circumstances under which these failures occur reveals that there are three major reasons as to why even the best of roulette strategies sometimes fail to bear results. Those include the facts that:

1. Roulette is a game of chance: this is a fact many people forget in the heat of the moment. But the truth of the matter never changes – that roulette is a game of chance, and there is no strategy which can guarantee winnings at all times. There is always an element of chance. Indeed, most of these strategies are only there to reduce your chances of losing, or to ensure that your losses are not too painful, when you have to suffer them. But because roulette is not purely a game of skill, there is absolutely no strategy which can ensure consistent winnings.

2. The house always has an edge: this will always be a hindrance to consistent winnings, unless you only play in roulette tournaments. In the latter scenario, you’d be playing against your fellow tournament contestants (rather than against the house). As such, the ‘house edge’ wouldn’t come to haunt you. BEST Roulette Strategy But as long as you are playing ordinary roulette, you will have to live with the idea that the house has an edge over you. Even without the edge, roulette is designed in such a way that the house would have a fifty percent chance of winning against you. Thus even with the best roulette strategy, your chances of winning are fifty percent. But the house’s edge reduces these, sometimes (depending on your strategic maneuvers) to a point where your probability of winning goes below one percent!

3. The strategies are not always applied in the right way. There are cases when people lose in roulette, in spite of applying the best strategies – not because of the house’s edge or because roulette is a game of chance per se, but rather, because they apply the strategies in the wrong way. The nature of roulette strategies is such that you need to not only understand them, but also the principles underlying them, when to apply them, and how to apply them. Even if you know the best strategies, but you apply them in the wrong way, or at the wrong time, you are bound to lose.