Maintaining Your Home To Get The Best Price In The Future

Most people who own a home will eventually sell it in the future. Once the kids are out of the house and you are getting older, downsizing becomes a possible reality. A house deteriorates with time unless you take the necessary steps to maintain offerte voor een dakkapel aanvragen it in pristine condition. Doing so will also save you money in the long term. I am writing this article to help you get that maximum offer when the time comes.

What can you do to get a maximum offer on your home?

To get the best price for your home in the future, you must maintain it in the present. If you have lived in your house for a good time, you should get a nice return when you sell unless, of course, you let your house fall apart. Below is a maintenance checklist you can follow to make sure you will get that nice return in the future.

  • Kitchen – Check for leaks and repair grout and caulking. Water can damage cabinetry and floors. Fix any cracks in tiles. Repair leaky faucets by changing washers regularly.
  • Bathrooms – Check for leaks and repair grout. Water can get behind the walls causing damage. Fix any cracks in tiles. Repair leaky faucets by changing washers regularly.
  • Basement – Check for cracks in the foundation and leaks. Your local home improvement store will sell materials you can buy to patch up cracks and seal your basement to protect it against leaks. Consider installing a sump pump or French drain.
  • Attic – Check for leaks from the roof. Also check for any signs of pests. Check joists, rafters and collar ties. Make any necessary repairs. Check for rusted nails or stains around the roofing nails that penetrate the roof deck or in extreme conditions black mould. These are all indications of a potential venting problem.
  • Smoke Alarms– Replace batteries yearly and test system every month. Smoke alarms have a test button that you push to check out the entire system. Defective smoke alarms should be replaced immediately.
  • Heating system – Preventive maintenance will lower your energy costs, prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of your system. Hire a company to perform yearly cleaning services. This will keep it running efficiently and save you money on heating costs. Replace older thermostats with newer digital programmable ones. Doing so will also save you money on heating costs.
  • Air Conditioning system – Change filters according to manufacturers recommendations. Check outdoor units to make sure there are no obstructions or accumulation of grass clippings.
  • Roof – Check to make sure there are no loose shingles. Also check for clogged gutters and downspouts. Also check the roof structure to see if there is any unevenness or sagging. This can indicate a defect in the roof construction. Check flashings around chimneys, dormers and plumbing stacks.
  • Exterior – Wooden exteriors should be checked to make sure the paint has not worn. Brick houses should be checked to make sure there is no brick or masonry damage. Stucco houses should be checked for cracks.
  • Driveways – Check for cracks or buckling and repair. This will prevent water from getting into the foundation. Seal coat your driveway every 2 to 4 years. This will help ward off the elements and prolong the life of your driveway.